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JanNik Dance

Our classes provide a structured, non-competitive, and above all FUN way for your child to learn to dance.

Freestyle dance as a discipline allows for more freedom to interpret many steps, whilst also maintaining the need to learn and repeat specified figures, giving children more chance to express themselves than other dance disciplines.

We aim to use music which the children are familiar with.

Music they may have heard on the radio, on television or theme tunes to popular children’s films and series.

There are 2 NATD fully qualified DBS checked teachers available at each class, which means we can split the classes if necessary into smaller groups to concentrate on a particular routine with a smaller group of children. Also when the class is working as one group one teacher can demonstrate, and the other is able to observe the children, offering help and reassurance.

As we have 2 teachers available in classes we are able to offer places to children with additional needs, whether physical, behavioural or special educational needs.

All our pupils are encouraged to work at their own rate, and with praise and increasing confidence, we find most pupils can attain their potential whether through class attendance or in examinations.

We also encourage children with additional needs to access classes, wherever possible with their own peer group, giving whatever support they need to thrive.

We offer classes exclusively to wheelchair users and children and young adults with complex needs.

For Further Information about class times please contact: Jane McClean-Simpson & Nicola Kent,  on Or Facebook page JanNik Dance

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