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Prayer Group

Prayer Groups have been meeting since 1992.  We meet each Monday at 1.p.m. The contacts are Carol Dodd and Norma Nock.  Carol holds the meeting at her home and Norma in the Prayer Chapel at AMC.

The numbers are much reduced now to 6 at Church Bank and only a few at the Prayer Chapel AMC.  Contacts are Carol Dodd and Norma Nock.  Ages range approx. 60-69 and 70 –79.  All have been committed to the groups over many years.

Once a month on Wednesday evening we hold a prayer meeting in the Prayer Chapel and the numbers vary from 5/6 and occasionally other people join us which is lovely.

We have a telephone prayer chain on which we can get very urgent prayer requests and we have 13 people participating.  We are very privileged in that through our contacts with Altrincham Christians together we do get quite a few requests from outside the church. 

Over the years we have sent out many cards to those in need of prayer and the response has been good.  We all feel it is a privilege to pray for those whom we may never meet and who trust us with their prayer concerns.  We praise God for his faithfulness in response to our prayers over the years in so many ways.

Our intention is to go on meeting and to keep praying for others to join us. If you are interested please contact Carol Dodd on or Norma Nock.

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