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Saturday Cafe

Saturday Café” is a meeting place on Saturday, a witness for Christ in this place, and a fundraiser for Christian and charity projects.

Its menu contains simple meals and it is manned by volunteers who each do one Saturday morning a month on average. All income after food costs goes straight through the books to various charities and, with overall donations of over £2500 each year, represents regular charitable giving on behalf of the church as a whole. Examples of the charities that benefit are Act4Africa, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY), Cumbrian Floods and Leprosy Mission.

Customers may be parents and children, here for other activities in the building, or simply our “regulars”.

Normal opening hours are 9.45am to 1pm with shorter hours during the school summer holidays. We aim to be open every Saturday and only close in exceptional circumstances such as when New Year’s Eve is a Saturday.

Why not visit us as a customer, remembering any profit goes to charity, or get more involved by speaking to Liz Harwood or Mal Lloyd or Ed Riley or contact Ed on 07484 143513 or

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