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Kit Kat Klub- Walking Group

Started in 1999 following on from the Church group called “The Barrington hikers” (so-called because of the address of the church) who went out walking once a month on a Saturday. As many of these people took early retirement a new group was formed with the objective of walking once a week on a Thursday to keep fit and enjoy the wonderful and varied scenery to be found all around us in the Lakes, Yorkshire Dales, Lancashire, and Yorkshire Moors and Derbyshire Dales. We currently have a membership of 12 people with an average number walking each week of 7 or 8.

The average walk is around 6-7 miles at this time of year and we take sandwiches for our lunch. In the winter about 4-5 miles and normally a pub lunch. Subs are £3 a week only if you walk, just to cover petrol costs. Those of us who have a car take it in turns to drive.

If you are interested and want any more details please contact Graham Jackson on 0161 282 8647. 

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